How do I turn my AC on and off with my phone?

First, make sure you have the ThinkEco smartAC app installed on your smartphone. You can download the app using the links below:

Open the app and sign in to your account. Select the smartAC icon to see the smartAC kit you have set up on your account.

Tap the AC from the list of ACs to control it remotely. Note that your AC has two settings, Thermostat Mode and OFF.

Tap the ON/OFF button next to ‘Thermostat’ to toggle the switch and then tap [SAVE]. Within a few seconds, your AC will turn off.

When in Thermostat Mode, your AC will only turn ON if the current temperature is 1 degree above your target temperature. Once the room has cooled down 1 degree below your target temperature the smartAC kit will turn your AC off until the room warms up again.

You can also change the smartAC target temperature from the app by tapping on the target temperature while in Thermostat Mode, as well as monitor the current temperature of your room.

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