My kit went offline

If you are unable to control your modlet or you see a spinning red light coming from your modlet, your kit has lost connection to your home WiFi. Sometimes, the modlet will lose connection with the Internet momentarily, but will go back online after a few minutes.

If the modlet continues to show offline, a router reboot will likely solve the problem – make sure your Internet connection is working properly and other WiFi devices are functioning normally. If after a few minutes the modlet does not automatically rejoin (which means, the spinning light will disappear and the temperature readings will be current in your account), a factory reset might be needed. Press the LED button in your modlet until you see a slow-spinning red light.  Now that the modlet is reset, you can use your
 smartAC app or a browser to reconnect your modlet to your network. If you already reset your modlet, you will also have to factory reset your thermostat remote before rejoining it. In order to do so, you should press down on the remote’s on/off button until the display screen shows two dashes and
a X’ed out WiFi sign.

If your modlet cannot reconnect to your network, you might need to check your Internet settings. Click
 here for instructions.

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